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369 Best Tesla Names & How to Name Your Tesla (All Models)

by Clint | Published: March 28th, 2023
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One of the most exciting aspects of owning a Tesla is personalizing your electric vehicle by giving it a name that suits your style and taste. With so many potential names out there, it can be difficult to pick the one that perfectly sums up your car’s personality. In this article, we have compiled a list of 369 best Tesla names along with tips to help you find the perfect name for your very own Tesla – regardless of the model.

Naming your Tesla can be a fun and creative process. Consider references to famous scientists, electricity, or technology in general. Top options include Watts, Volt, Amp, Edison, and E-Car. To name your Tesla, simply access your vehicle settings through the Tesla mobile app or car touchscreen, and choose ‘Name Your Vehicle’ under the ‘About Your Tesla’ section.

Naming inspiration sources

Where do you start when sifting through so many possible options for your Tesla’s name? Here are some popular categories of inspiration to help you narrow down your search:

Popular culture

From movies to television shows and music, popular culture offers an abundance of character names, song titles, and iconic phrases that can serve as a source of inspiration for your Tesla’s name. Some examples include:

1. Stark (inspired by Tony Stark from Iron Man)
2. Kitt (from the classic TV show Knight Rider)
3. Ecto-1 (from Ghostbusters)
4. DeLorean (inspired by the iconic car from Back to the Future)
5. Tardis (from Doctor Who)

Astronomy and space exploration

With Elon Musk at the helm, Tesla and SpaceX are often associated with space exploration and innovation. As a result, many Tesla owners opt for names inspired by astronomy, celestial objects, or space missions, such as:

6. Starman
7. Apollo
8. Nebula
9. Orion
10. Voyager

Electricity and technology

What better way to honor your Tesla’s electric powertrain than by choosing a name inspired by electricity or technology? Consider names such as:

11. Ampere
12. Edison
13. Volt
14. Electra
15. TeslaCoil

black car interior
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Mythology and fantasy

With their sleek designs and technological feats, Teslas almost seem otherworldly – so why not seek inspiration from mythology, folklore, or fantasy? Names from this category might include:

16. Thor
17. Artemis
18. Pegasus
19. Nimbus
20. Gandalf

How to choose a fitting Tesla name

Finding an ideal name for your Tesla can be a personal journey as it reflects your personality, tastes, and the bond you have with your vehicle. Here are a few tips to bear in mind as you search for the perfect name:

Keep yours Tesla model in mind

Each Tesla model has its own unique style and characteristics, so consider names that align with your specific model. For instance, Model X owners might choose names that emphasize the vehicle’s falcon-wing doors or towing capacity, while Model 3 owners might focus on the car’s agility and affordability.

Consider your Tesla’s color or characteristics

Your Tesla’scolor or its specific features could inspire a creative name. Does it have a striking red color? Or maybe it’s a refined silver or pristine white? Play with descriptive words and expressions, or even create a name that matches the color itself, like Ruby, for a red Tesla.

Share your name-storming process with others

In my experience, discussing your potential Tesla names with friends and family can help generate an array of creative ideas, making the process more enjoyable and exciting. They might offer new suggestions, play on words or puns that you hadn’t considered, or share their opinions on your top choices.

Be open to changing the name overtime

Even if you’ve chosen a name for your Tesla, remember that it can always be changed if you feel a different name aligns better with your car’s personality or your own preferences. Just as you update your Tesla software regularly, your car’s name can evolve as well.

Now, without further ado, let’s explore our extensive list of Tesla names to spark inspiration and help you choose the perfect moniker for your vehicle.

21-75: Pop culture inspired Tesla names

21. Krypto
22. Batmobile
23. Serenity
24. Necron-99
25. Enterprise
26. Ghost
27. Millennium Falcon
28. Mjolnir
29. Herbie
30. Fury Road
31. Groot
32. Skynet
33. Rebel Alliance
34. The Dude
35. Mario Kart

76-115: Astronomy and space exploration inspired Tesla names

76. Kepler
77. Sputnik
78. Andromeda
79. Hubble
80. Celeste
81. Luna
82. Stardust
83. Gemini
84. Callisto
85. Copernicus

116-159: Electricity and technology inspired Tesla names

116. Sparky
117. Jolt
118. Kilowatt
119. Lightning
120. ChargeMeUp
121. Thunderbolt
122. Powerhouse
123. Electric Slide
124. Ohm
125. TeslaCruiser
126. Flash
127. PluggedIn
128. Wattson
129. Surge
130. Electromobile
131. Bolt
132. Energizer
133. Zenith
134. Byte
135. Pixel

160-204: Mythology and fantasy inspired Tesla names

160. Zeus
161. Stormbringer
162. Minerva
163. Fenrir
164. Valkyrie
165. Kraken
166. Leviathan
167. Adonis
168. Triton
169. Phoenix
170. Wraith
171. Medusa
172. Sentinel
173. Freyja
174. Chronos
175. Helios
176. Daenerys
177. Ragnar
178. Wyvern
179. Galadriel

205-250: Nature-inspired Tesla names

205. Horizon
206. Terra
207. Boreal
208. Ocean
209. Glacier
210. Aurora
211. Typhoon
212. Solstice
213. Zephyr
214. Equinox
215. Icarus
216. Granite
217. Cascadia
218. Canyon
219. Monsoon
220. Dune
221. Firefly
222. Eclipse
223. Stratus

251-295: Abstract ideas and emotions Tesla names

251. Enigma
252. Elysium
253. Serendipity
254. Odyssey
255. Vortex
256. Requiem
257. Harmony
258. Destiny
259. Rendezvous
260. Quest
261. Nirvana
262. Genesis
263. Aeon
264. Eunoia
265. Catalyst
266. Reverie
267. Continuum
268. Infinity
269. Metanoia

296-340: Playful and funny Tesla names

296. Shockzalot
297. Teslarrific
298. Wattsup
299. Electronaut
300. Wattzilla
301. CurrentCrusher
302. WheezyWeasel
303. Tesladour
304. RoadRunner
305. SuperCharger
306. ChargeMaster
307. ElectroWagon
308. Wattaburger
309. Teslove
310. Jiggawatt
311. WattMobile
312. DarthWatt
313. TeslaRosa
314. GreenMachine

341-369: Puns and clever Tesla names

341. Ohm My Tesla
342. TeslaFied
343. ElonGated
344. WattsonFire
345. WattsInTheBox
346. ElectriCar
347. Plugnificent
348. ElecTrip
349. Ohm Sweet Ohm
350. VoltYTask
351. Wattalicious
352. InstantaneOhms
353. Ohmwrecker
354. OhmTheRange
355. TeslaFari
356. NameWattsert
357. Voltrabond
358. Voltaggard
359. FasTest-Lane

With such an extensive list of names, personalizing your Tesla has never been easier. Whether you gravitate toward pop culture references, nature-inspired names, or clever puns, our list has you covered. The key is to find a name that suits your individual style and embodies the unique qualities of your Tesla. Happy naming!

370-410: Location-inspired Tesla names

If you have a love for travel, exploring new places, or are proud of your home city, why not consider location-inspired names for your Tesla? These names can reflect iconic landmarks or evoke the spirit of a particular place.

370. Yosemite
371. Gotham
372. Mountaineer
373. Evergreen
374. Big Sur
375. Avalon
376. Mojave
377. Riviera
378. Utopia
379. Atlantis
380. Pacific
381. Olympus
382. Outlander
383. Gatsby
384. Manhattan
385. Zion
386. Sahara
387. Spartacus
388. Eden
389. Arcadia

411-450: Animal-inspired Tesla names

Drawing inspiration from the animal kingdom can help you find a name that embodies the speed, agility, and power of your Tesla. Opt for ferocious predators, elegant creatures, or mythical beasts for a name that truly reflects your EV’s spirit.

411. Thundercat
412. Puma
413. BlackMamba
414. SnowLeopard
415. HellHound
416. Mustang
417. Sabertooth
418. Centaur
419. Falcon
420. Raptor
421. Chimera
422. Poseidon
423. Gryphon
424. The Raven
425. Siren
426. Meridian
427. Silverwolf
428. Vixen
429. PhoenixFlight

451-490: Car or driving-inspired Tesla names

Another option is to choose a name that centers around driving or makes a subtle reference to other iconic cars. This way, you can pay homage to the world of automobiles and integrate your Tesla into that legacy in a fun, creative manner.

451. Roadster
452. Speedster
453. TorqueMaster
454. CurveHugger
455. HighwayStar
456. AutoPilot
457. Electromotive
458. HyperDrive
459. Mach1
460. NightRider
461. Redline
462. GreenGT
463. Turbo
464. MileCrusher
465. WarpSpeed
466. PulseRacer
467. EcoSprinter
468. ZeroEmission
469. StealthCruiser

red car on gray asphalt road during daytime

491-520: Inspirational and empowering Tesla names

If you’d rather give your Tesla a name that serves as a reminder of your values, aspirations, or accomplishments, consider choosing a name that inspires and empowers you every time you step into your vehicle.

491. Conqueror
492. Fortitude
493. Undefeated
494. Luminary
495. Manifest
496. Ambition
497. Odyssey
498. Escapade
499. DreamCatcher
500. Breakthrough
501. Invincible
502. Thrive
503. Resilient
504. Momentum
505. Maverick
506. Limitless
507. Aspire
508. Tranquility
509. Driven

Name-storming with other Tesla owners

Another way to fuel your creativity and inspiration is to participate in Tesla owners’ forums and social media groups. This will not only keep you updated on the latest news and innovations, but also connect you with fellow owners who can share their personal experiences, stories, and Tesla names. You might find that someone else’s innovative idea resonates with you or sparks a new, original name direction in your mind.

At the end of the day, naming your Tesla is a unique, personal journey that should bring joy and excitement. There is no limit to the possibilities, and you can always change the name as you see fit. Remember to have fun with the process and choose a name that not only suits your Tesla but also represents your tastes and the bond you share with your vehicle. Enjoy the ride!