Do Teslas Mirrors Automatically Fold In?

One of the most common myths when it comes to Teslas has nothing to do with their performance or even their range. In fact, it doesn’t even have anything to do with how they drive at all. For some reason, there seems to be confusion regarding Tesla’s mirrors and whether they fold in.

The simple answer is yes, they do fold in. How much they fold in, or even how, depends on the model or optional extras, which we’ll get to in a bit, but all Teslas have windows which can fold in automatically when you put the car in park.

What are folding mirrors?

First, let’s define what folding mirrors are and what their purpose. In most non-supercars, the mirrors are the widest point of the car’s track. Or, to put it in other words, should you get too close to a wall, the first thing you’ll scrape is the mirror. Since mirrors protrude outwards a few inches more than the wheel arches, they’re the widest part of the car.

To solve this issue, manufacturers started making mirrors foldable. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, as electric windows and seats became more common, so did electrically-folding mirrors. This meant getting into tight spaces such as your garage became relatively easy, but you were also able to park your car and fold the mirrors, without worrying whether someone would break them in the middle of the night.

Which Teslas come with folding mirrors?

All Teslas come with folding mirrors, but electrically-folding mirrors were an option on some of the earlier cars, especially the Model S. Nowadays, your Tesla (New Model S & All Model X, 3 & Y) probably comes with the latest software update which includes location-based auto-folding mirrors (updated on 05.2019).

How do I manually fold the mirrors?

If you have a newer Tesla which does come with auto-folding mirrors, to fold them in manually, hit the ‘controls button’, then when the quick control screen pops up, hit ‘fold mirrors’. It’s as simple as that.

What happens if I don’t have auto folding mirrors?

If you have an early Model S, you can fold your mirrors manually, by rolling down the window and using your hand to twist them inwards. It’s obviously not as easy or as efficient as having electronically foldable mirrors, but it’s not the end of the world either.

Can you upgrade to auto folding mirrors if you don’t have them?

You used to be able to, but not anymore. Tesla once offered the upgrade where they would install all of the required components (harness, mirrors and door switch), but they stopped doing that a few years ago. So if you don’t have auto-folding mirrors on your Tesla, I’m afraid you’re going to have to learn to live without them!

Do Folding Mirrors Work When Frozen?

In cold temperatures that are frosty or freezing the folding mirrors may sometimes get stuck. You can see Bjorn on testing out his doors and mirror in his Model X one frosty morning.

Tesla Model X with frost, what fails to operate?


Do Tesla mirrors fold in? Yes, of course they do. Tesla’s engineers were able to get a full-size family saloon reach 62 mph in less than 3 seconds, so I’m genuinely surprised people are even asking this question. To be fair though, with all the different models and trim levels, I can see how it might be confusing.