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Does The Tesla Cybertruck Have A Frunk?

by Emily Nicholls | Published: June 27th, 2022

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A sneak peek of the Cybertruck beta earlier this year showed that it did have a frunk; however, one of the questions on everyone’s mind is will it open and how? I hope Tesla adds in an automatic electric power frunk feature as I think it would be the most convenient option.

The Cybertruck beta seen at the Petersen Museum last year did have a frunk and we can assume the production-ready design will follow suit. However, how it opens and how much storage space it will have are still a mystery.

Will The Cybertruck Have A Frunk?

The frunk in the Cybertruck beta looked like it was smaller than the previous prototype seen at the Petersen Museum in 2021. It is thought that perhaps this is due to the increase in the size of the windscreen. However, whether and how it would open are still to be confirmed.

It has been speculated that the whole front end may lift out of the way, like a clamshell design. Yet people have commented how they cannot see where the opening would be. 

A video posted on YouTube by the Cybertruck Owners Club shows a walkaround of the 2022 Prototype. The vehicle does appear to show cut lines at the front, indicating that the entire bonnet, light bar, and front place have the ability to lift up to review the Cybertruck’s frunk. 

Nonetheless, there has not been a lot of information released about the frunk compared to other components of the car. 

How Much Storage Space Will The Cybertruck Frunk Have?

Exact specifications have yet to be released; however, according to Tesla, the Cybertruck’s bed, front trunk (frunk), and storage areas which are integrated into the bed’s upper panels, are expected to offer 100 cubic feet of lockable storage space.  

Will The Wiper Stow Away In The Frunk?

While there has not been a lot of information released on the frunk, one of the questions on everyone’s minds is whether the enormous wiper will stow away in the frunk. While the Cybertruck’s large windscreen needs an equally sized wiper to accommodate it, some have commented that it looked “hilariously oversized”. 

Musk took to Twitter in response saying that there isn’t any easy solution. He said that his ideal solution would be that the wiper would stow in the frunk but that this would be complex. Others have said they wished that the Cybertruck would not have a wiper and rather utilize lasers. 

What Is A Frunk? 

The frunk serves as a storage space in the front of the vehicle. While something really only possible in electric cars due to the engine of the internal combustion engine car taking up far more space while emanating a lot of heat. 

While other electric vehicles do have some frunk space, Tesla designs certainly provide more storage capacity than other vehicles. 

What Are The Benefits of Tesla Frunks?

Many people find the extra storage space useful. Both the Tesla Model 3 sedan and the Model Y have received a lot of attention from families, particularly with that added practical frunk storage space making life just that bit easier.

Although not huge, both models’ frunks do offer benefits. They are totally sealed and waterproof, providing a safe dry space to store things. It also provides an alternative to the larger trunk storage space, so you can divide up your things to avoid things sliding around during the journey. 

The frunks are also plastic lined so if you have any heavily soiled belongings, you know you have a separate storage space away from the main cabin and trunk to store them.

Several travel strollers can also fit in the Model 3 and Y, which is a must for anyone with small children. 

What Are The Benefits Of The Cybertruck’s Frunk?

Right from the start, one of Cybertruck’s key features was its storage capacities. Since it’s really geared up to be the mother of all adventure vehicles, you can expect that people off adventuring will need to pack plenty of stuff that they will need along the way. 

People have already been fiercely discussing the possible camping accessories such as the FORM Camper, which will turn the vehicle into a micro-home with a shower, double bed, kitchen, and a living area.

However, we all know how much stuff you need to pack for a camping trip and every little bit of storage space counts. 

While the Cybertruck will most certainly come with a frunk, we are still not 100% on the details. Looking at the available information, we can predict it will be able to open and will have some storage space.

However, we have yet to find out how it will open and just how much storage space it will have. If the wiper does stow in the frunk, this may eat into some of the storage space. Tesla is known for their innovative use of space, particularly when it comes to frunks.

So, the pressure is on not to disappoint when it comes to the Cybertruck’s frunk. 

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