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Does The Model 3 Come With Floor Mats?

by James Bartlett | Published: April 22nd, 2022
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Are you thinking of buying a Tesla Model 3? Trying to budget in for every eventuality once you decide to make the purchase? Need to protect your Model 3 floors from snow or dirt? This article will provide all the necessary information on ensuring your Tesla Model 3 has floor mats.

As in any car, floor mats in a Tesla are important for protecting interior carpeting and for ease of interior cleaning. Despite this, these high-quality floor mats are not something that comes as standard in the latest Tesla Model 3. Floor Mats in a Tesla Model 3 are available only as an upgrade.

Differences By Country Region

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Floor mats do not come as standard in the new Standard Range Plus Tesla Model 3. However, this varies depending on country location. The Standard Range Plus Tesla Model 3 built in China and sold in parts of Asia and in Australia for example does come with floor mats as standard. In the US and Canada, only buyers of the Long Range and Performance Model 3 will receive floor mats as standard.

Reasons To Include Floor Mats

Floor mats can be used to improve the look of Tesla interiors. In fact, owners can buy floor mats to match other finishes which have been chosen in the cabin. This may be one reason why Tesla does not include floor mats as standard. By leaving floor mats out of baseline pricing, owners can choose their own floor mats according to other trim that has been chosen inside the car.

The other reason to include floor mats is of course protection. Like a rug in the home, floor mats in the car will protect the car floor carpeting from scuffs, dirt, moisture, and food spills. The use of floor mats is one way of preserving the value of a Tesla if the time comes to sell it second-hand, as the floor mats can be replaced.

Which Floor Mats To Choose?

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The floor mats provided as standard in Model 3s – whether on a Standard Range Model 3 in Asia or a Long-Range or Performance Model in North America – are not reported as being of the best quality. If buying a new Model 3, it may be a good idea to factor floor mats into the cost of setting up your vehicle.

Standard Tesla floor mats are fabric and do not soak up moisture.  The best floor mats are rubber rather than fabric and are known as “all-weather” mats. These will protect the floors from moisture. They are also much easier to keep clean as they can simply be wiped clean.

TOUGHPRO floor mats are a popular choice for Model 3 owners. They are all-weather, heavy-duty rubber which is bought as a set for front and rear and priced at $80. They are also available for purchase with trunk and frunk mats as well for $180. The mats have a rating of 4.4 on Amazon.

Tesla Floor Mats are also available for those wanting to stick with first-party accessories. The mats are more expensive at $145 but are not the most expensive option on this list. This Tesla set includes front and rear mats with hook-and-loop fasteners, a locking system to keep the mats in position, and a 10mm lip to contain spills and dirt.

The material is a thermoplastic elastomer and is 100% recyclable. It is also free of cadmium, lead, latex, and PVC. However, some say that the Tesla floor mats are too bulky when compared to third-party alternatives.

3D MAXpider Rubber Floor Mats are the most expensive on this list. The set comes in at $205 and has a star rating of 4.7 on Amazon. The higher price is justified through some functional benefits such as a proprietory material that enables both a sleek design and durability.

They are also non-toxic and odorless. These mats are likely to provide the best protection for your Model 3 but are not available for trunk and frunk.

What Do People Think Of The Standard Tesla Floor Mats?

The general feeling is that the floor mats included as standard in Long Range and Premium models are not very satisfactory. To begin with, they are fabric rather than rubber or plastic. This means that dust and water can enter the fabric making them difficult to clean.

They also do not hold water or spills like rubber or plastic mats. A water spill or getting in the car with snow-covered feet will therefore lead to moisture soaking into the carpets of the car. They do however provide protection against scuffs and scrapes.

People also complain about the bulkiness of standard Tesla floor mats. Being made from plastic rather than rubber, the mats are thick and cumbersome. They do not provide the sleek aesthetic provided with the higher-priced rubber and plastic replacements listed above.