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Does The Cybertruck Back Window Open? (Is It Still Bullet Proof?)

by Emily Nicholls | Updated: June 28th, 2022

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A Tesla Truck club member suggested a feature for the Cybertruck on Twitter, where the rear window could roll down into the rear walls and then the entire wall fold in on top of folded rear seats. My ex-husband worked in the building industry so I can see this could be a useful feature. 

It has been suggested via a tweet from Kilowatts at a showing of the Cybertruck that the rear window does drop mid-gate and looks like it may fold. However, we will have to wait until the final production-ready details are shared to know for certain.

As with a lot of these suggestions, Elon Musk said he would consider it. This was back in 2020 and since then the Tesla Cybertruck’s start date for production has been pushed back to 2023.

While a few people have had a sneak peek at Cybertruck prototypes, the final details have yet to be confirmed. The latest on the matter is that the rear window does drop mid-gate and appears to be able to fold, according to a tweet from Kilowatts. 

Why Would You Want The Rear Panel To Fold Down?

This truck is not designed as your little micro car for nipping around the city, it is aimed to be the mother of all pickups for the adventurous travelers and the off-roaders in life. So, you can imagine the sort of instances where you may want extra storage space. 

The Tesla Truck club member who suggested the feature originally had said it would be useful for camping and carrying things longer than 8 feet. Other purposes where this feature could be handy are for fishing or if you work in the building industry and you need to carry a truckload. 

What Is The Storage Capacity Of The Tesla Cybertruck Prototype?

While we have still only had a glimpse of the prototypes and renders, according to Tesla the Cybertruck boasts 14,000lbs of towing capacity, 3,500lbs of payload capacity, and 100 cubic feet of external lockable storage. In short, Tesla aims to give the Cybertruck the utility of a truck but the performance of a sports car. 

While Tesla claims it is their most powerful creation yet, there are always going to be some people who want just a little bit extra. In this case, even more, storage space.

With its current design, the Cybertruck already has a “flip stop” feature on its tailgate which will allow drivers to fit objects up to the size of a 4×8 foot sheet of plywood. 

What Accessories Will The Cybertruck Have?

The electric pickup truck will have numerous accessories to complement it, such as an expandable module that will transform the Cybertruck into a micro-home with a double bed, kitchen, shower, and living area. “Form” as it is known will not only be compatible with the Cybertruck but other pick-ups too and is slated to be available at the end of 2022. 

Another accessory causing a stir is the Cybercat, which will comprise pontoons, electric outboard motors, and hydrofoils that will go together to turn the pickup truck into a watercraft.

The all-electric amphibious catamaran will apparently be capable of speeds up to 40 miles an hour. According to Tesla, the accessories can be installed by one person quickly and easily. 

Why Did Elon Musk Break The Windows?

While lots of us have been discussing the latest features, Elon Musk got people chattering for a different reason back in 2019 when a demonstration did not go as he had intended. It has been widely documented that the Tesla Cybertruck’s windows are going to be made of stern stuff.

So, naturally, Tesla wanted to show off just how indestructible they were. According to Elon Musk, the windows can withstand anything from a sledgehammer to a 9mm handgun. However, when Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s chief designer, threw a heavy metal ball at the window it smashed. 

It was initially disputed as to whether or not it was a PR stunt to get people talking. It certainly did that. Elon Musk has since come forward admitting the embarrassing incident was not planned.

He blamed the mishap on the order in which the vehicle had been struck, initially starting with a sledgehammer which we now believe caused an unseen crack. So, when the window was bashed with a steel ball, it caused the window to crack. 

Will Tesla Cybertruck Windows Be Bulletproof?

While the window incident did not go as Elon Musk intended, it is thought that when the Tesla Cybertruck comes out in 2023 it will feature the patented bulletproof windows. Although it is handy having a bulletproof glass for windows, it is thought the primary reason for its durability will be to prevent repair costs for scratches, cracks, and chips on the windshields and windows.

The glass patent describes a multi-layered design that Tesla will use not just with the Cybertruck but with several of its other cars too.

The multi-layer glass stack has approximately a 10% chance of failure with an impact of 2 J. The robust glass comprises an inner-facing layer of chemically strengthened glass with high strength, which has an adhesive interlayer that joins it to an out-facing layer.

The outer-facing layer has energy absorptive properties, which include non-soda lime, low-CTE, and high densification glass. 

Is The Cybertruck Car Body Bulletproof?

Although the windows of the new Cybertruck are expected to feature patented bulletproof windows, some people may be disappointed to learn the body itself is not totally bulletproof.

That is not to say that the 304-series stainless steel body panels are not pretty close to indestructible – they are. In fact, it is the same steel that is used by SpaceX for its spacecraft. 

According to Tesla, if fully hardened, the stainless steel will be enough to stop any 9mm Luger round, but not dedicated armor-piercing bullets. However, Tesla has not yet released details of specific armor ratings.

In order to meet the full requirements for certification, it would need to include multiple impacts from a specific range and at a designated impact angle, amongst other requirements. However, it is still comforting to know that the vehicle is still packing a lot of punch even without meeting the requirements. 

While there is still speculation about the final production-ready Cybertruck design, it is thought the Cybertruck’s back window will be able to drop the mid-gate and fold down.

There are many reasons why this is a handy feature, particularly in light of the fact that the truck is being designed for off-roading and adventuring. Owners may be going on fishing trips or camping where having the extra storage space would be a bonus.

The window glass themselves has already been patented with their bulletproof capabilities gaining attention. Though the Cybertruck is not specifically intended to be an armored vehicle, its bulletproof capabilities are proving to be cool.  

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