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How Much Can I Fit In My Tesla Model 3?

by Simon Naylor | Updated: April 7th, 2022
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Storage space is one of the least sexy but most important factors we consider when deciding the value of our car. Whether you’re traveling the country with tons of luggage or transporting a truly massive amount of groceries, you’ll need to know if the seats fold down in your Model 3. 

The back seats in the Model 3 fold down completely flat in a 60/40 style. With all of the back seats folded down, the 15 cubic foot trunk expands significantly to an impressive 43 cubic feet. Tesla reports that it lengthens the trunk to 5’6”, but Model 3 reviewers note that it appears to be closer to 6’5” with the front seats moved forward significantly. The front seats do not fold down but recline far back.

What Is a 60/40 Folding Seat?

When the Model 3 folds down in a 60/40 style, it indicates that the owner has several options when folding down the seats. They might fold down 100% of the seats, 60% of the seats (an outboard seat and the middle seat), or 40% of the seats (one outboard seat). 

Another common type of folding seat is the 40/20/40 folding seat. In this style, it is the same as the 60/40, except the middle seat folds down separately for an optional 20%. 

Tesla Model 3 interior, seat and cargo space

How Much Can I Fit In My Model 3?

There are many storage spaces available in the Model 3. The trunk, the front trunk, the backseat—folded or not, and the cubby in the center stack are all very spacious. 

However, with the backseats folded down completely, the possibilities of what you can fit in your Model 3 are endless. Should you have the need for 15 carry-on suitcases, there’s room.

How about 700 square feet of laminate flooring? Or a dismantled king-size bed? 

Yes to both, says the Model 3. 

Is There A Roof Rack Available For My Model 3?

If the available storage space isn’t enough, consider purchasing Tesla’s Model 3 Roof Rack for $450. Included with the roof rack are comprehensive installation instructions because Tesla claims that everyone at home can easily attach the aluminum frame to their vehicle. 

Also, it locks into place to ensure the security of all your large items. And it’s specially designed for ski racks, bike racks, and boxes. 


While the passenger-front and driver’s seats of the Tesla Model 3 do not fold down, the back seats do fold down completely flat. You have the option of folding down a combination of the outer back seats and the middle, depending on what cargo you’re carrying.

The trunk’s space grows from 15 cubic feet to 43 cubic feet when the seats are lowered, which is a notable increase. But if that’s not adequate space for your needs, there are additional options like the roof rack available for you to purchase and install.