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The Must-Have Tesla Accessories for 2024 (All Models) Part 1

by Clint | Published: March 11th, 2024
turned on Tesla car with screen protector

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When I first purchased my 2018 Model 3LR, the first thing I wanted to do was personalize the interior for comfort, ease of use, and decrease distractions. Here are the must-have accessories for your Tesla in 2024.

Screen Protector (Matte or Glossy)

person holding white ipad inside car

The first item I purchased was the Spigen matte screen protector because if it gets cracked, chipped, or damaged, driving and operating the vehicle would be a hassle. This one comes with an alignment tool so that it fits perfectly on all edges of your screen. It’s super simple and quick to install yourself.

Floor Mats

Floor mats will protect your investment and give you a better trade-in value when you upgrade your Tesla. 3D Floor Mats has designed an amazing floor mat that fits so perfectly. It’s also made with Environmentally Friendly Material, 100% recyclable thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). You definitely can’t go wrong with these mats. However, if you have a pet, we would opt for the pet floor liners that will also cover areas of the doors for added protection from dirt and fur.


We cover two of the first accessories you should purchase for your Tesla if you’re a new buyer. These two will help hold the value and protect your interior and touch screen, which are very important to car owners. Soon, we will cover other accessories that will give you more storage space and make life a little easier while traveling.