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What is Tesla Cabin Overheat Protection, and how can I prevent it from draining my battery?

by Clint | Updated: April 7th, 2024
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Are you concerned about Tesla Cabin Overheat Protection draining your battery? If so, you’re not alone. Many Tesla owners have the same concern. But don’t worry – you can take steps to prevent this from happening. Let’s explore Tesla Cabin Overheat Protection and how to keep it from draining your battery.

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Keep Tesla Cool in the Summer.

Tesla has a Cabin Overheat Protection setting to protect the electronics in the vehicle and the tablet on the dashboard. The tablet is essential for the car to function, so it’s important to keep it from getting too hot. Heat can affect electronics, causing them to run slower and potentially damaging the chipsets within the device. These chipsets are soldered on, and too much heat can melt the solder. Therefore, it’s crucial to prevent the inside of the car from getting too hot.

According to Scotts Fort Collins Auto, on a 90F day, the inside of a car will reach 138F. This, as you can guess, is harmful to anything man-made. That said, Tesla has settings that keep your car cool during summer. These are the settings as listed by Tesla on their website:

“On: The air conditioning operates when the cabin temperature exceeds 104f (40° C), or the selected temperature if available, on the touchscreen or mobile app. Customizing temperatures may require the most recent version of the mobile app.

No A/C: Only the fan operates to prevent touch surfaces from getting too hot.

Off: Disables Cabin Overheat Protection.”

This reduces battery while parked at work, home, or shopping, but you can do some things to help decrease the battery loss while sitting still. Instead of just purchasing the front window or top window shade, look at this lovely item that contains both for about the price of either front or top Tesla SunShade for Top and Front Windows.


It can be found here if you are interested in only the front. (Make sure to select the proper model and year)
If you only want to shade the top, that one is here. (Make sure to select the proper model and year)

This can help reduce the UV light by 99% and reduce the amount of heat build-up by a significant amount, but without running a test on them, we don’t want to give out a false number to make a point. We are honest with our readers the way it always should be. This will also decrease the use of batteries while parked without charging.

If you have any questions, comment, and we will discuss them further.