Where Are Tesla Model 3’s Cameras? (Secret View)

Tesla Model 3’s are naturally associated with their amazing high-powered technology and we anticipate updates for even more features like completely autonomous self-driving. But where are all the cameras that allow for these advancements? Model 3’s have nine cameras and we’ll help you find them. 

The wide forward, main forward, and narrow forward cameras are directly behind the rearview mirror, while the (little known secret) cabin-facing camera is above the rearview mirror facing inward (not yet usable). On the driver’s side and passenger side fenders are the two forward-looking side cameras. There is one rearward looking camera on each b-pillar. Lastly, there is a rearview camera on the trunk. 

What Do These Cameras Do For My Model 3?

The Model 3’s many cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and a forward-facing radar allow it to have autopilot and self-driving capabilities, with the future potential to become autonomously self-driving.

Currently, Tesla’s autopilot package assists drivers with small steering adjustments in marked lanes and maintaining cruise control with the speed of traffic. In addition to that, Tesla’s full self-driving package has Model 3s that will: 

  • change lanes
  • navigate on and off highways
  • park themselves – tesla autopark
  • find the driver in a parking lot

Tesla expects that their cars will be driving city streets, including recognizing stop signs and traffic lights, on their own within the year. 

Tesla Cameras Can See Everything

Why Is There A Cabin-facing Camera In My Model 3?

Tesla is patenting the cabin-facing camera to be used for recognizing a driver’s face. Then, the Model 3’s settings will be automatically adjusted to fit each driver’s needs. 

The cabin-facing camera could be used for TeslaNetwork, Elon Musk’s innovative robotic taxi service.  

Currently, the cabin-facing camera is not in use. However, additional opportunities for its use could include entertaining options like vlogging and Car-aoke, which is a fun take on karaoke in the car. 

Should I Be Worried About My Privacy With My Model 3’s Cameras?

It depends. Tesla has a history of standing its ground for its customers’ data. However, if your Model 3 ends up in a junkyard with unencrypted data, there is no telling who might peruse your video footage. 

The security risk is highest if you crash your Model 3 and are selling or junking your used vehicle without wiping your data. 

How Can I Get Access To My Model 3’s Camera Footage?

You can’t access video footage from all nine cameras yet, but you can access the footage from the two forward-looking side cameras and the main forward camera when your car is in Sentry Mode.

How to setup and view your Tesla Video Cameras Easily!

To see your camera’s recordings, you’ll need any USB drive to plug into your Model 3. When your car has a motion-sensor event happen while it is in Sentry Mode, remove the USB drive and check its contents on your laptop.

If you want to forego the laptop and just use your phone to check the video, try using the SentryView App. You will need a wifi enabled USB drive. 


With eight cameras spread throughout the outside of the Model 3 and one on the inside above the rearview mirror, they can be tough to keep track of. But all of the trouble will be worth it when, in the next few years, your autonomously driving car can pick up the kids from soccer practice.  

Hopefully, it’s worth it now with helpful assets like autopilot and self-driving available.

The Model 3’s cameras, and the footage in them, are valuable commodities in this high-tech market. As a knowledgeable Tesla owner, you are now more prepared to protect yourself and your vehicle from any concerns.