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Will A Big Or Tall Person Fit In A Tesla Model 3?

by Brian Griffiths | Published: May 6th, 2022
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In today’s technology-driven world, the mantra that seems to bestow most manufacturers is ‘less is more’. Take, for example, the latest smartphone or audio systems and compare them to similar products of only a couple of years ago and see how they’ve changed. But while this trend seems to be the way forward for all things consumer goods, it is not necessarily the same for automakers. 

True, in many cases, manufacturers are making cars smaller. Still, thankfully, this is not at the detriment of the interior space, which is best demonstrated by that of the Tesla Model 3. This is a car that can easily accommodate big and tall people; in fact, this is a car that can accommodate drivers and passengers of all shapes and sizes. 

Why Is There A Trend For Making Smaller Cars?

2019 Tesla Model 3
Photo by peterolthof licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Before we consider how and why the Tesla Model 3 can comfortably accommodate big and tall people, it’s worth taking a moment to explore why manufacturers are making the change from more extensive, heavier cars to smaller vehicles. 

Energy Efficient

Probably the most significant reason for manufacturers to be building smaller cars is an attempt to save energy – a reduction in weight and mass means cars become more energy-efficient. With more people switching from fossil fuels to electric power, there is every chance that they will actually become smaller. 

Design Aesthetics

Another reason cars are becoming smaller is the change in design aesthetics driven by a global audience that appreciates smaller, less complex things and sees them as delivering ‘actual value’. For many, the ‘more is more’ philosophy is no longer a good look, and more significant, more complex cars are almost being viewed as old-fashioned.

Why Is The Tesla Model 3 Ideal For Big and Tall People?

There are several reasons why the Tesla Model 3 is ideal for big and tall people; one of them is the extensive head and legroom the car offers, which is demonstrated in the chart below.

Area of Tesla Model 3Interior Space
HeadRoom Front 40.3 inches 
Leg Room Front 42.7 inches
Shoulder Room Front 56.3 inches
Hip Room Front 53.4 inches
HeadRoom Rear 37.7 inches
Leg Room Rear 35.2 inches
Shoulder Room Rear 54 inches
Hip Room Rear 52.4 inches

To help you understand what that means, compare it with a study conducted by, a Danish tailoring company specializing in clothes for taller men that looked into what was considered tall by European and US standards.

In which they found that the average height of men was 5’9″ and that anyone over 6’2″ was considered to be tall, and anyone over 6’3″ was considered to be very tall. 

So straight away, you can see that with a combined head and legroom of around 6’9″, dealing with tall or big people is not an issue for the Model 3.

Minimalist Styling

Another reason why the Tesla Model 3 is perfect for big and tall people is its impressive styling and minimalist interior layout that, when combined, helps to deliver a unique sense of airiness. This is further complemented by the fact that the car sits on a flat platform with no bulky drivetrain running its length, which means that every available inch of space can be dedicated to driver and passenger comfort. 

Easy Entry

Talking of comfort, one other reason why the Tesla Model 3 suits big and tall drivers is what is called Easy Entry. Created as part of the Drivers Profile, Easy Entry is part of the various preferences you can make in the Tesla Model 3 to suit your individual needs. 

Using the Easy Entry setting on the Tesla Model 3 enables the car steering wheel and driver’s seat to automatically adjust when the car is put in park. It also allows the driver’s seat belt to be unbuckled, allowing you an easy exit from the vehicle, whatever your height or size. When you return to the car and step on the brake pedal, the settings are automatically adjusted back to those used prior to leaving the car.

Which Tesla offers you more room, the Model 3 or Model S?


You would naturally think that the bigger car will provide you with the more interior room, correct? Well, you’ll be surprised to learn that the Model 3 offers nearly identical cabin space to what is provided by the larger Model S

Furthermore, the Model 3 does, in fact, offer slightly more front and rear headroom than the longer and sleeker Model S. When it comes to the front and rear legroom, there is little to choose between the two. Each delivers approximately 42.7 inches of front legroom, with the Model S slightly holding the merest advantage in rear legroom at 35.4 inches versus 35.2 inches in the Model 3. It’s only in the hip and shoulder room that the Model S begins to outperform its smaller sibling.

How does the Tesla Model 3 compare with other luxury cars for big and tall drivers?

With over 42.7 inches in front legroom and 40.3 inches in front headroom, you have to admit the Tesla Model 3 is pretty impressive when it comes to accommodating tall drivers. It undoubtedly deserves to be on the list of Best Luxury Cars for Tall Drivers that US News compiled last year, but sadly no, it didn’t even get a mention. 

Instead, the honors were shared around with the Genesis G90, the Audi A8 (which at 41.5 inches is actually less than the Model 3), the Mercedes Benz S Class, and the outright winner, the Volvo V90 Cross County. 

Still Not Sure If The Tesla Model 3 Is Suitable For Big and Tall People?

If after everything we’ve said here still doesn’t convince you that the Tesla Model 3 is ideal for big and tall people, then take a look at the YouTube video called Is The Model 3 BIG ENOUGH for Tall People!? 6ft7 in the Smallest TESLA – UK Standard Range Plus.

This video will give you a tremendous in-depth look into just how much room the Tesla Model 3 has to offer big or tall people and how they can easily travel in comfort and style.