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Do Cybertruck Side Windows Not Roll Down? (Scary Thought)

by Emily Nicholls | Published: August 11th, 2022

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My initial impressions of the Cybertruck were that the windows may not roll down. Upon further thought, I came to the conclusion that there are just too many everyday scenarios where you need to open the window.

Apart from the glass material, there hasn’t been a huge amount of details released about the side windows. However, there have now been sightings of the Cybertruck with the side windows partially rolled down leading us to assume they will be able to roll down.

Do Cybertruck Side Windows Roll Down?

From the footage of the segment on CNBC Prime where Elon Musk met with Jay Leno to discuss the Cybertruck, the side windows were definitely partially down for some of the time. However, this was filed in 2020 and we know that some features have been changed since then. 

I do find it hard to believe that the Cybertruck would change it so the windows do not roll down, since people who are driving the car may need to roll down the window to talk to someone, hand over money in a toll booth, pick up a takeaway at a drive-thru, as well as, plenty of other scenarios. Perhaps people would also choose to roll down the window rather than put the AC on. So, I think quirky as the Cybertruck is it will still have windows that roll down. 

Why Do People Think the Windows Might Not Roll Down?

It is true that most of the time where the Cybertruck has been showcased the side windows have been up, so we haven’t particularly seen a lot of footage with them rolled down, both fully or partially. There also hasn’t been a huge amount of information shared about the side windows other than the glass material. 

Some have commented that because the glass is built to be near indestructive that it would be stronger if it didn’t open. Bulletproof glass also tends to be thicker and heavier than normal window glass so sometimes a car door will have to be built to accommodate this thickness or a mechanism capable of raising the window back in place installed. 

However, we know that Cybertruck is using special glass using their patented glass forming techniques. The Armor glass is being built for durability and strength, as well as, being supported by the steel exoskeleton. So, from the information that has been shared, there isn’t anything to suggest that the windows would not roll down because they are using Armor glass. 

What Was the Windows Demo Fail?

One of the key selling points of the Cybertruck is its toughness, including the “bulletproof” glass in the windows. However, at a demonstration meant to highlight the strength of the glass in 2019 all did not go to plan. Although the armored glass, or “transparent metal” as Elon Musk has described it is meant to withstand huge impacts.

Tesla Chief Designer, Franz von Holzhausen, hurled a large steel ball at one of the windows which smashed. Needless to say, both von Holzhausen and Musk looked surprised with Musk uttering the word OMFG, suggesting this was not the plan. 

A repeat attempt on the rear window, unfortunately, brought the same results and the vehicle had to sit the rest of the presentation looking rather beaten and battered. 

Prior to that, they had been tackling the demo vehicle with a sledgehammer which definitely went better since not even a mark was left behind and one of the reasons Musk gave afterward was the impact of the sledgehammer on the door had cracked the base of the glass. He suggested that next time they should try it in reverse, the ball then sledgehammer.

Was the Window Demo Failure Planned?

It didn’t even occur to me on reading about the demo fail that this may have been planned, particularly since it did the opposite of what it was meant to do. However, some people did comment that the fail was planned. While I can see it garnered a lot of attention from the media and got people talking, surely it would have been better if the demo had been successful. 

Is the Cybertruck Waterproof?

Tesla has announced that the Cybertruck will have amphibious capabilities, allowing it to wade in deep water and float for a while like a watercraft. This is actually not an entirely new feature since the Model S and Model X both have some floating capabilities.

However, some have commented that the windows should not open to ensure water does not get in. While I do see the point here, I don’t think Elon Musk would go around announcing the floating capabilities if they weren’t safe. 

Does the Rear Window Fold Down?

One of the suggestions back in 2020 from enthusiasts is that Tesla should make the Cybertruck’s rear window and the body panel foldable, as it would be useful for camping and carrying things longer than 8”. As with a lot of suggestions from enthusiasts on Twitter, Elon Musk responded by saying it was worth considering. 

This feature was confirmed in April 2022 by the Kilowatts on Twitter who said that although photos were not allowed at that point the rear window appears to be able to drop and the mid-gate fold. 

From the available information, we can see that certainly the windows on the Cybertruck do roll down and it doesn’t particularly make sense for them not to. Of course, the vehicle is not set to go to production until next year but I don’t feel like this will change, there are just too many practical reasons why you might need the windows to open. One of the more recent developments has been that it appears the rear windows will be able to drop and the mid-gate fold to allow for carrying things larger than 8”. 

As with developing anything, there is always going to be success and failure and the Cybertruck window demo fail will probably be remembered for a time yet. Perhaps it is reassuring though for the rest of us to know that even Elon Musk doesn’t get it right all the time.