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Does The Cybertruck Have Solar Panels?

by Clint | Published: June 30th, 2022
Cybertruck topside view

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I think it’s only a matter of time before more and more cars use the power of the sun to produce power. But how efficient is solar when compared to the giant & highly efficient batteries now available on EV’s?

The Cybertruck doesn’t come with solar panels as standard, however, they can be bought as an added feature. Solar panels are expected to add 15 miles of range to the existing 500-mile daily range, and the waiting time for the solar panels is one to six weeks.

So is it worth paying the extra for the upgrade? And other important questions.

Will the Cybertruck be able to power the home?

Tesla has recently announced that the Tesla Cybertruck will be able to power a minivan or a small home, provided the truck is charged and switched on. The truck will also need to have a transfer switch (to switch power from the truck’s motors to the home) and load shedding capabilities (to ensure the home doesn’t draw too much power from the truck too quickly).

The company has also hinted at the release of a mobile home trailer to use with the Cybertruck. This would be powered by the truck and would be built from similar materials. However, nothing official along these lines has been published yet.

How is the Cybertruck powered?

The Cybertruck comes in three models, each with one, two, or three electric motors respectively. The battery used to power these motors is 200-250kW and is constructed from newer cell technology known as 4680 battery cells rather than the older 2170 battery cells used in other Teslas. This enables 14% more charging per cell, a longer range, and longer battery life.

Each motor in the Cybertruck is 200kW. For the tri-motor, this gives a total power of 600kW. The standard charge power for the Cybertruck is 11kW, with up to several hundred kW possible using faster chargers. The tri-motor version uses an average 267Wh per km.

How long can a Cybertruck power a house?

Firstly, the Cybertruck cannot power a full-sized family home but rather a “mini-house”. This would mean a living space for one person and limited electricity usage. Off-gridders in the US have already used EVs as home power sources during blackouts, with one person calculating that the Cybertruck in this function would power a one-person home for about 200 days.

How long is the wait for Cybertruck solar panels

Tesla is offering roof solar panels for the Cybertruck as an added feature. It is thought that solar panels will add 15 miles of range to the existing 500 miles per day. The approval time for Cybertruck solar panels is currently one to six weeks.

Can Tesla Cybertruck Solar Panels withstand hail?

Hail is a real concern for solar panels in any situation. Solar panels used in solar farms and for the home are tested to ensure that they can withstand hail up to one inch (2.54 cm) in diameter. The solar panels for the Cybertruck have been tested to withstand a hail of up to 1.75 inches in diameter (4.5cm) which means they will likely withstand hail in even the most brutal of hailstorms.