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Does The Cybertruck Have A Glass Roof? (Armor Glass)

by Emily Nicholls | Published: August 11th, 2022

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The Cybertruck’s fully transparent roof made from Armor Glass is quite unusual. However, I think it matches the other large glass features and will be open and airy to drive in.

It is expected that the Tesla Cybertruck to keep the glass roof as it goes into production next year. Due to its unusual shape, the huge windscreen will extend over the head of the front passengers with the fully transparent roof extending over the passengers in the rear.

What Will the Cybertruck Roof Look Like?

The Cybertruck is expected to have a fully transparent roof made from Armor Glass that will extend back over the passengers in the rear. So they will get a view of the steel bed. The massive windscreen will extend back over the head of the front passengers, meaning that pretty much the entire “roof” of the vehicle is glass, apart from some of the steel structure.

What Is Special About the Glass Tesla Is Using?

Tesla has published a patent application suggesting that Tesla is exploring using a new glass-forming technique to give the Cybertruck an updated windshield design. The patent application also hints that Tesla is looking at using glass for the Cybertruck’s dashboard. The Tesla Armour Glass will use a strong polymer-layered composite, described as being like a transparent metal by Elon Musk.

A YouTube video from Tesla’s official channel explains the innovations they are developing with the glass panels used in the company’s vehicles. Even though the video focused on the glass components in the Model Y and Model 3, it did show Tesla workers moving a large piece of glass that is not used in any of the vehicles currently in production at Tesla. 

Since the glass was considerably larger than the car models and yet different from what is used in the Tesla Semi, it was speculated it could have been for the Cybertruck. 

Will Cybertruck Have a Solar Roof?

Elon Musk has confirmed that the Cybertruck will have the option to have a solar roof over the truck’s bed, which will have the ability to add 15 miles of range per day. Adding fold-out solar wings would generate between 30 and 40 miles of range a day. Musk has been developing the idea since 2019 when his engineers started looking at integrating solar cells on the Model 3. However, in the end, he didn’t think it was viable. 

Tesla is not the first electric car to be pursuing the option, with the Prius Prime being one of the cars harnessing solar power. However, some have commented that solar cells don’t generate enough power to be worth it. It has been suggested that the Prius Prime could add approximately 2 miles of range during the day. 

Startups like Sono Motors and Lightyear are also developing electric vehicles harnessing solar power. 

Why Do Teslas Have Glass Roofs?

Apart from the striking appearance, having glass roofs means faster production, lower costs, and less equipment. However, not everyone is a fan of glass roofs citing that the glass roof lets too much sun in, which means greater AC usage and less range. Tesla believes that the glass roof allows for an open, airy feel.

However, Tesla’s glass roofs have a dual-panel design and UV coating to stop too much heat from getting into the vehicle. As it doesn’t completely stop sunlight from getting into the cabin, sunshades are available at Tesla’s shop. 

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Do All Tesla Cars Have a Glass Roof?

All Tesla cars come with a fixed glass roof, which is not to be confused with a panoramic sunroof. A panoramic sunroof can be opened at the top by the driver to let air into the cabin. Fixed glass roofs cannot be opened. The Model S did use to come with a panoramic sunroof, but this was canceled in 2018. The Roadster concept has a removable glass-panel roof, which can be stowed in the trunk. 

Why Don’t Tesla’s Glass Roofs Open?

The glass roof on Tesla vehicles rather keeps the functionality of a standard metal roof so does not open, yet with the aesthetics of a panoramic sunroof. Tesla’s glass roofs are stronger and safer than panoramic sunroofs since they don’t open. Unfortunately, though, they can’t let in the air. 

Are Tesla’s All-glass Roofs Safe?

Tesla’s all-glass roofs are considered exceptionally safe. The roof on the Model 3 can withstand over 9000 kilos of force and the heavy glass roof actually helps with the overall stability. The roof on the Model 3 is actually much stronger than a metal roof.

According to the NHTSA, the Tesla Model X has a rollover risk of just 9.30% while a similar-sized 2021 car such as the Audi Q5 Sportback’s rollover risk is 16.40%.

Since the Cybertruck is being designed to be pretty indestructible, the glass roof is expected to receive a top rating. The glass has been described as bulletproof although a demonstration in Los Angeles at a promotional event did not go as planned.

Tesla’s chief designer managed to smash the glass after throwing a metal ball at one of the armored windows. A second shot with a metal ball similarly damaged another of the windows. Elon Musk admitted afterward that there was still room for improvement. 


It is clear that the glass components on the Cybertruck are making a statement in themselves. A lot of attention has been placed on the materials and patents of the glass design, which aims to make an incredibly strong glass material. On the other hand, the appearance of the cars with their enormous glass components is equally causing a stir.

It is likely the Cybertruck will have a strong glass roof when it goes into production next year. It is also expected the Cybertruck will have an option to add on a solar roof over the bed. All of Tesla’s vehicles utilize glass roofs, with it considered one of Tesla’s signature styles.  

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