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Does Cybertruck Have A Transmission? Self Driving Automatic

by Clint | Published: August 11th, 2022

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I think the Cybertruck looks like something out of a sci-fi film with the angular curves and bullet-proof characteristics giving it a futuristic appearance. But how do those big tires turn?

The Cybertruck doesn’t have a transmission in the traditional sense. It doesn’t have a clutch or gearbox as is found in an ICE. Rather it has a single pair of ratioed gears between the electric motor and drives wheel axles which can be thought of as a simplified EV transmission.

Is The Cybertruck Manual Or Automatic?

The Tesla Cybertruck is neither manual nor automatic. Like most EVs, it has a single fixed gear and therefore does not require a gearbox of any kind. This is because electric vehicles provide maximum torque across the full range of engine revolutions. This is unlike in an ICE whose torque varies as a function of the number of engine revolutions per minute.

EV manufacturers have tried including two gears into their cars. Tesla trialed a two-speed EV setup in the original 2012 Roadster, but the added weight and complexity were not compensated for by an adequate increase in performance leading to its replacement with a single speed setup. The Porsche Taycan (and the Audi e-TRON which shares the same basic underlying design as the Taycan) both have a two-speed setup to maintain acceleration at the highest speeds.

Does The Tesla Truck Have A Transmission?

The Tesla Cybertruck doesn’t have a transmission in the traditional sense. In an ICE, the transmission refers to everything in the car driving equipment which comes after the engine crankshaft. This includes the clutch disc, gearbox, drive train, and axles.

car clutch

Electric vehicles have axles to hold the wheels and to connect to the electric motor but do not have the rest of the transmission equipment present in an ICE. Like most EVs, the transmission in a Tesla Cybertruck consists of a single ratioed pair of gears between the electric motor and the drive wheels. The gear ratio of the Cybertruck is the same as other Teslas which is a little over 8 to 1.

This means that the drive wheels turn for every 8 revolutions of the electric motor. This is necessary to ensure that the truck accelerates and travels at safe speeds and to ensure adequate vehicle longevity.

Can The Cybertruck Auto Drive?

Yes, the Cybetruck will include Tesla’s self-driving Auto Drive function as standard, though this is not fully self-driving and extends to automated lane change, control of traffic lights, autopark, summon, and self-parking. Such Auto Drive capabilities require drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and maintain attention when in the vehicle. The truck will also be able to accept an upgrade for full self-driving which is expected to cost $7000 for Cybertruck owners.

Is The Cybertruck Hybrid?

battery electric vehicle

No, the Cybertruck is a full battery electric vehicle (BEV). There is no hybrid Cybertruck touted by Tesla. A Cybertruck with a fuel tank and combustion would likely add too much complexity to a vehicle already with difficulties getting to market. It would also negate Cybertruck capabilities such as limited floating on water, and would also likely negatively affect off-road handling.

Why Doesn’t the Cybertruck Have a Side Mirror?

The original Cybertruck launch models did not have side mirrors, presumably for aesthetic reasons. Side mirrors are however required by law, so recent Cybertruck design revisions have included them. Tesla plans to get around the side mirror issue by making them easy to remove.

Can I Live in a Cybertruck?

The upfront cost of living in a Cybertruck would cost about $110,000 ($39,000 for the truck, $49,000 for the Tesla camper, and $20,000 for a plot of land). You would then need about $100 a month for bills such as the internet. It is, therefore, quite a good option from a financial point of view, but space would very limited and you might struggle even to get a double mattress down on the floor.

It would be difficult to live in a Cybertruck without the Cyberlandr camper due to a lack of washing and other basic facilities. However, the Cyberlandr offers a full kitchen, spa shower, office seats that recline into a queen-size double bed, and impressive water-filtration capabilities.

It comes with voice automation and is designed to compress down completely into the Cybertruck rear so as not to affect driver visibility or vehicle aerodynamics whilst back out on the road.

Did Tesla Cancel the Cybertruck?

No, the Cybertruck is still planned for 2023 or 2024 though further orders have been postponed until 2027. However, it is looking increasingly likely that if the Cybertruck does make it to market that it will only ever be in the North American market.

Tesla is also pausing orders for some other vehicle variants in some markets (other than the Cybertruck) due to excessive demand.